As Joseph Millson's book was released last week, a few promotional interviews have appeared online. You can read one here with Newbury Today, and two video interviews are embedded below. 

So what made this a good time to write the book?

“I’ve been writing it on and off for a few years and lockdown was a great chance to put the hundreds of hours in to get it finished edited and sold.

“It’s been a joy, the cheapest, funniest therapy I’ve ever known. “It’s not just for actors, it’s for anyone who might wonder what the reality of a real actor’s life is like, not the champagne and air kisses, but the graft.

“It’s also for anyone who wants to understand the benefits of falling in love with work itself. It’s also funny and moving, so I’m told...”

Finally, what advice would Joe give any young person considering an acting career?

“Go for it!! Fall in love with being an artist, doing the WORK, not with being famous and DEFINITELY not with being rich! Oh, and always keep a sense of humour in your pocket...”