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Stafford Festival Shakespeare

The eighteenth annual Stafford Festival Shakespeare Production to be presented Open Air at Stafford Castle will be Hamlet.

Synopsis:  The play begins following the death of the King of Denmark and with the succession of his throne by his brother Claudius. Prince Hamlet mourns both his father’s death and his mother’s hasty remarriage to Claudius. When his father’s ghost appears to tell him that Claudius murdered him, Hamlet vows revenge.

Dates: 26th June - 12th July 2008

Joseph role: Hamlet

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Joseph Millson’s Hamlet is outstanding. His descent into apparent madness is played with rare energy and surprisingly effective humour, alternating instantly between jester and tragic victim of his uncle’s evil wiles. He delivers a truly multi-layered character, accessible yet unfathomable.
Millson’s mesmeric performance is strongly supported by Louise Jameson as a regal, vulnerable Gertrude and Kellie Shirley as a beautifully fragile Ophelia. Christopher Saul is perfectly cast as the pompous Polonius, as is Fergus O’Donnell as the solid Horatio. The Stage

Thanks to Joseph for letting the website know.

"A very short run but good to get a first go at that monster part out of my system..."