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Genre historical fantasy drama adaptation of Bernard Cornwell novel.


Set in the 9th century, when much of what is now called England is under the rule of the Vikings, The Last Kingdom focuses on the Kingdom of Wessex, the only remaining outpost holding out against the foreign invaders. Uhtred, the son of a Saxon nobleman is orphaned by the Vikings and brought up as one of their own, and forced to choose his path.

Joseph's role


Aelfric is Uhtred’s uncle and usurper of the throne of Bebbanburg. Aelfric is unscrupulous, scheming and power hungry. He sees Uhtred as a barrier to his claim on Bebbanburg and is committed to his demise.

Filming details

Series 1: filmed in Hungary and UK from November 2014
Series 2: filmed in Hungary from June 2016

Broadcast details

Series 1: BBC 2: October 22nd 2015
Series 1: BBC America: October 10th 2015
Series 2: BBC 2 March 16th 2017


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