Thanks to Lisa on Twitter for spotting that the complete BBC Radio series 'The Interrogation' is now available to buy on Amazon and Audible. Joseph's appeared as Neil in series 5, which was broadcast in March 2017. 

Kenneth Cranham and Alex Lanipekun star in these 15 hard-hitting crime dramas. Chalk and cheese coppers Max Matthews and Sean Armitage are from different generations and different worlds, but together they make a remarkable team. In this powerful, unconventional police procedural, we join the detective duo in the interview room as they practise their unique style of interrogation in a bid to extract a confession.

These 15 dramas all focus on a different suspect, each with their own story and version of events. Among the varied characters we hear from are Rod, a Premier League footballer accused of rape; Jermaine, a ruthless gang leader; Marc, an ex-policeman suspected of domestic violence; and Beverley, who has come into the station to report her elderly father as missing. As the details of their crimes are revealed, we get under their skin and come to understand what motivated them to do what they did.

Compelling and compassionate, these dramas probe some of today's most troubling moral issues, inviting us to face hard truths but holding out the possibility of redemption. With razor-sharp dialogue and characters that feel entirely authentic, they'll linger in your mind long after you've finished listening.