A review of the recently broadcast Homage to Catalonia and Burma on radio 4 has been shared on The Stage website. Don't forget that the shows are still available to catch up on iPlayer, while each evening Joseph can read you a bed time story on Radio 4.

Eric Blair, Orwell’s real name, is played by Joseph Millson, who was recently seen as a medic having a breakdown on TV’s Holby City. If this were television, he would not have been cast here, as he is far too handsome to play Orwell, who longed to be attractive to women. Millson merges a clipped accent with the confusion of a young man who abhors casual colonial racism.

Joseph presented an award the other evening at this year's BBC Audio Drama Awards. You can just see Joseph in the background of this photo from the awards.

Best Online Only Audio Drama, presented by Joseph Millson - Above and Below written and produced by Daniel Macnaughton, for Aboveandbelowseries.co.uk